Year 9 Term 1

We passionately believe in supporting student learning outside of the classroom.  Each curriculum area has listed their expectations for homework and independent study outside of lesson hours for both KS3 and KS4.


The homework club runs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3.00pm to 4.00pm in the Learning Zone, offering a quiet and welcoming learning environment.  You can access the computers, including the internet, iPads and a printer.  One to one and group support is available if required. If you attend homework club you will be rewarded with Vivo miles.



PDF icon Art Homework 1 & 2

PDF icon Art Homework 3

PDF icon Art Homework 4



PDF icon Computing Homework Term 1


Design and Technology

PDF icon Design and Technology Term 1



Homework will be set every Friday and will be due the following Friday. All homework to be completed on Showbie.

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Food Preperation and Nutrition

PDF icon Food Preperation and Nutrition Homework Term 1



PDF icon Geography Homework Term 1



PDF icon History Homework Term 1



Maths homework is set weekly on Mathswatch in KS3 by the student's teacher.



In year 9 MFL we expect students to learn the words of the week. This is a list of approximately 10 words. They can revise by making flashcards, using Quizlet or using cover and test. The pupils will use and be tested on these words in class as part of listening and reading tasks.There will also be an extension task for pupils who want to excel in their language study. In the last week of term pupils will be expected to have completed their termly project which will be a written or speaking task. The termly project can be done at any point during the term but we would advise students to complete it in the last two weeks when they have covered all the words and grammar points they need in class.

PDF icon Spanish Words of the Week

PDF icon Spanish Homework


There is no formal homework set in PE at KS3. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the extra curricular programme and additional event practices which are available as part of the PE extended curriculum programme.


Performance Studies

Students in Performance Studies are required to undertake one ‘Arts’ enrichment activity per term to extend their knowledge and understanding of Performance Studies. Suitable activities include:

*Rehearsing/preparing for performances.

*Participating in the Extra-Curricular Arts programme.

*Researching ideas to support performance work.

Students will need to choose and use suitable methods to present their research. This may take the form of a model, an ICT presentation, a portfolio, a poster, costumes and props or even feedback to the teacher in lessons as part of starter or plenary activities.

The assessment of this Independent Study will link to student’s ability to evidence the following assessment objectives:

AO1 apply practical skills to communicate in performance.



Students are set homework every Monday via Educake.  Usernames and passwords are available from their Science teacher.  Homework is due in by 9:00am on Friday each week.  Break-time detentions will be set by the class teacher if the homework is not complete.